Power Rankings

After the third round

1  New York Rangers    66905  12  7  1

2  Los Angeles Kings   64502  12  7  2

3  Chicago Blackhawks  60526  11  5  3

4  Montréal Canadiens  55229  10  5  2


According to these rankings, the New York Rangers will lift the Stanley Cup in a couple of weeks. Recent history suggests you should take these rankings lightly, but for once they agree with my pre-season pick.


I was sad to see Chicago eliminated last night, but the Kings were deserving Western Conference Champions. Congratulations to both New York and Los Angeles, and good luck to both teams in the finals!

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06.03 | 18:12

I'm doing a couple of concerts next weekend, so I'm not sure if I manage to get anything done this week, either, but I'll give it a shot...

06.03 | 18:10

It doesn't mean that I'm giving up, but I'd be surprised if I managed to catch up ahead of the playoffs. No comment from people has made me neglect it further.

06.03 | 18:06

Thanks, pal. I'm doing fine, but my schedule is terrible. Well, sort of... I'm extremely busy, and I just haven't had the time to keep up with this.

05.03 | 18:19

Unfortunatly, there are no more updates. I hope you are doing fine. I miss your power ranking :)

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