Power Rankings

Through games as of February 20th, 2016
Notable winning streaks: St. Louis Blues (5-0-0; up from 9th to 5th in two weeks), Anaheim Ducks (4-0-0; up from 3rd to 2nd in one week), Washingtin (3-0-0; unchanged at 1st from last week), Ottawa Senators (3-0-0; up from 28th to 24th in one week), Minnesota Wild (3-0-0; up from 29th to 25th in one week). Notable losing streaks: Vancouver Canucks (0-4-0; down from 22nd to 26th in one week), Edmonton Oilers (0-3-1; down from 26th to 29th in one week), New Jersey Devils (0-3-0; down from 17th to 18th in one week), Winnipeg Jets (0-2-1; down from 25th to 28th in one week), Toronto Maple Leafs (0-2-1; down from 24th to 27th in one week), Detroit Red Wings (0-2-1; down from 13th to 17th in one week), Dallas Stars (0-2-1; down from 5th to 8th in one week).

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06.03 | 18:12

I'm doing a couple of concerts next weekend, so I'm not sure if I manage to get anything done this week, either, but I'll give it a shot...

06.03 | 18:10

It doesn't mean that I'm giving up, but I'd be surprised if I managed to catch up ahead of the playoffs. No comment from people has made me neglect it further.

06.03 | 18:06

Thanks, pal. I'm doing fine, but my schedule is terrible. Well, sort of... I'm extremely busy, and I just haven't had the time to keep up with this.

05.03 | 18:19

Unfortunatly, there are no more updates. I hope you are doing fine. I miss your power ranking :)

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