Prorated standings for the season

Through games of November 11th, 2014

Playing in the best division so far, the Atlantic Division, means you have a hard time getting your head above water (read: getting your team into the playoffs). They have losing records against both Western Conference divisions (11-10-3 vs. the Pacific Division and 9-8-4 vs. the Central Division), but their dominance of the Metropolitan Division is significant (19-10-3). It also helps that ten of their 23 intra-divisional games have gone to overtime or beyond.


Overall, they're 62-41-20, meaning that they've won one more game collectively than they've lost. Having by far the worst team in the League so far, the Buffalo Sabres, means that the other seven teams are doing just fine (going a combined 59-29-18). Detroit, Florida and Ottawa all have losing records, but their ability to keep it tied after 60 minutes has helped them tremendously (having 13 points in their 24 losses). After all, POINTS decide the standings, not WINS.


Overall, six of the top 13 records in the League so far (46 %) belong to teams from the Atlantic Division. As you all know, this means that one of them will miss the playoffs (with Winnipeg Jets being the lucky beneficiary), even if the final standings look like this:


Rank (for teams ranked 1st to 3rd) / Opponent (for wild-card teams) - Team - Prorated Points - Prorated ROWs - Letter Grade


Western Conference


Pacific Division


1  Anaheim Ducks          118  46  B+

2  Vancouver Canucks      116  48  B+

3  Los Angeles Kings      104  38  B

P  Calgary Flames          96  39  B-

   San Jose Sharks         87  29  C+

   Arizona Coyotes         71  27  C-

   Edmonton Oilers         67  31  C-


Central Division


1  Nashville Predators    120  49  B+

2  St. Louis Blues        115  44  B+

3  Chicago Blackhawks      97  31  B-

C  Winnipeg Jets           92  31  C+

   Minnesota Wild          82  35  C

   Dallas Stars            77  22  C

   Colorado Avalanche      63  14  D+


Eastern Conference


Atlantic Division


1  Tampa Bay Lightning    123  51  A-

2  Montréal Canadiens     118  36  B+

3  Detroit Red Wings      104  38  B

A  Boston Bruins          103  46  B

M  Toronto Maple Leafs     98  44  B-

   Ottawa Senators         98  33  B-

   Florida Panthers        88  32  C+

   Buffalo Sabres          39   5  D-


Metropolitan Division


1  Pittsburgh Penguins    123  53  A-

2  New York Islanders     109  44  B

3  Philadelphia Flyers     94  41  B-

   Washington Capitals     93  33  C+

   New York Rangers        87  33  C+

   New Jersey Devils       82  31  C

   Carolina Hurricanes     76  29  C

   Columbus Blue Jackets   49  22  D

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I'm doing a couple of concerts next weekend, so I'm not sure if I manage to get anything done this week, either, but I'll give it a shot...

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It doesn't mean that I'm giving up, but I'd be surprised if I managed to catch up ahead of the playoffs. No comment from people has made me neglect it further.

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Thanks, pal. I'm doing fine, but my schedule is terrible. Well, sort of... I'm extremely busy, and I just haven't had the time to keep up with this.

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Unfortunatly, there are no more updates. I hope you are doing fine. I miss your power ranking :)

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