Øyvind's Hockey League

To be continued

Until it's (hopefully) up and running, this page will give you a glimpse into how I conducted my fantasy hockey league back in the nineties. I'd love to get back to this, and the main problem earlier should be fixed by modern technology. The problem was time! It used to be a very time-consuming hobby (for me, at least), as I had to use physical copies of The Hockey News every week, compare it with the preceding issue, and manually calculate the numbers of 11 different personal stats for every single skater, and four stats for goaltenders. I don't know for sure, but I think there are some engines out there that track weekly player stats, making this a breeze compared to back in the days. Maybe some of you can give me some pointers in this regard?

I used the eleven most prominent skater stats and the four most prominent goaltender stats and divided them into the three periods of a game like this:

1st Period

Off: Goals, Assists and Points

Def: Goals Against Average and Wins

2nd Period

Off: Power Play Goals, Shorthanded Goals and Game-winning Goals

Def: +/- and PIM

3rd Period

Off: Game-tying Goals, Shots and Shooting Percentage

Def: Shutouts and Save Percentage

The order of the different statistics is, of course, arbitrary, but I did it like this, because that was the order of those stats columns in THN at the time. Some stats may be switched with others, but that was what I used to use.

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06.03 | 18:12

I'm doing a couple of concerts next weekend, so I'm not sure if I manage to get anything done this week, either, but I'll give it a shot...

06.03 | 18:10

It doesn't mean that I'm giving up, but I'd be surprised if I managed to catch up ahead of the playoffs. No comment from people has made me neglect it further.

06.03 | 18:06

Thanks, pal. I'm doing fine, but my schedule is terrible. Well, sort of... I'm extremely busy, and I just haven't had the time to keep up with this.

05.03 | 18:19

Unfortunatly, there are no more updates. I hope you are doing fine. I miss your power ranking :)

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